MacBook/iPhone/iPad Skin Application


Applying the skin is easy as 1-2-3, but should be done with patience and attention to detail. Kindly read these instructions before starting.

1. Clean the surface of your device with a clean microfiber/soft cloth. Make sure your hands are clean as well.

2. Start by peeling off 1/8 of the skin from the paper slowly, and apply it on the edge of the device. Use the back-paper to assist you in the application process.

3. For Apple products: Make sure you align the edges while fitting the Apple logo over the skin. You may peel off the skin as many times as you want (with caution) to readjust before securing the skin.

4. Secure the skin by pressing it firmly onto your device. You may also use a card to smooth out any odd surface/bubbles (if necessary).

5. Easy right? Now strut around and show the world your lit gadget! Show us some love by tagging us on your socials!